Monday, March 21, 2011

A Rockin Week and a Race Report

It is awesome to be able to get online and post about a rockin week. I hammered a 26.5 miles last week running all seven days in a row. Yes, I know, 10% rule.... but if I follow the darn rule, I don't get a 20 mile week until like September!!

I kicked out 5 Sunday, 3 on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, 5 again on Thursday, 4 on Friday, and 3.1 on Saturday.

Saturday was the St. Patrick's Day 5-K at Murphysboro, IL. I ran a very pedestrian 27:38 but was generally pleased with the effort. Mile one was an 8:31, mile two was an 8:49. Then the legs entered the point of no return (Kansas Reference) and the last 1.1 was a killer 10:18. Hence, I think I lost my SUB 9 minute pace somewhere in there.

The right hip feels unusually good and the feet also feel quite peppy so we'll just see where we can take this. Myself and the Mrs. went to Cape Girardeau Friday evening to watch the start of an ultra. A friend of mine (and local running phenomenon) hosted a second annual 12hr/24hr endurance run. It also had a midnight 5-K and a One Hour category to involve as many people as possible.

I want to be healthy folks. I want to be healthy. For the second year in a row.... this has been there as a local event. This year--I watched the start. Last year, I ..... huh.... refused to go anywhere near. I just didn't want to see it. I desire to participate.

Much of this goes way back to college and a legendary local runner who I plan to blog on in the near future. Hey--hope all is going well. I plan to do some work on the blog layout and update the blogs that I follow a little. Got some house cleaning to do and some updating....

Every day is a good day, some are just better. Thanks for reading.


  1. Look forward to following your progress.

    Gotta run.

  2. Hey, great work. Oh, by the way, if you linked my blog in your sidebar, you'd probably already know that you won a pair of Ryder Sunglasses from ... me!