Saturday, March 5, 2011

Broken Toys

As I was searching for a title for today's post, I googled "broken toys" hoping for a GI Joe with a leg or hip problem. I got close!! I think this is Captain Marvel. He'll work event though my workouts don't qualify me to be "captain" and sure aren't "marvelous."

What the heck? Shazaam anyway. The body does feel pretty good. This week I made it on the bike once for 7 miles, to the pool once for 450 yards and hammered the legs for 16 running miles with a long run of 5 on Thursday.

I am keeping things gentle and short. I want to push the envelope but the hip feels VERY unstable. As I told one of my running buddies, it just feels like it could go out at any point so.... I have to take things slow and cautious. It DOES feel good to be moving without pain so short and gentle it is at least for now.

I've picked up a couple of followers lately even though I haven't been blogging a lot which is really cool. Barefoot Johnny O and Jim...50 after 40 have both joined me recently since I started back in on the blog trail. It almost makes me feel a little pressure. I do need to update my margins to properly reflect my reading and need to get on the ball at being more apart of my readers blogs.

I want to do a post later and hit on some of my favorite reads and get props out to some of the blogs that I follow. I may even do a give away if I can come up with something cool. Maybe a canned ham or something.

Every day is a good day, some are just better. Thanks for reading.

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