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With the return of the Classic to the blogging world, I must first apologize for my absence and be up front by stating that I have no real excuses for my disappearance. I can throw some stuff up on the wall just to see what sticks and make at least some attempt to explain my whereabouts. Here we go!!

After the passing of my Father in November, I searched a little while for something to focus my attention on as I moved into the new year. I needed a training goal. I instead suffered an injury during the very first week of training for the St. Louis Marathon. I have some right hip issues which the trainer at school FINALLY took a look at two or three weeks back.

I have a pull or tear in the groin region as well as bursitis in the hip. He is suggesting a shot in the hip which sounds wonderful if the Ibuprofen doesn't soon fix the problem. Each problem is irritating the other and being somewhat stubborn...... my willingness (refusal) to set on the couch and allow it healing time has made things worse. I have major weakness in the hip itself and honestly, even though I'm getting back to being somewhat functional but it still feels shaky.

BASICALLY, BLOGGING WISE...... I JUST DECIDED TO TAKE SOME TIME OFF AND WOULD WRITE AGAIN WHEN I FELT READY. I think I'm there. I really planned to take a couple of months off.


The 2010 running year came to a close with a fairly nice total mileage.

January 72. 7
February 63.8
March 79.5
April 73.6
May 51.2
June 60.2
July 84.4
August 92.3
September 73.4
October 58.5
November 58
December 50.1

2010 Running Total: 817.7 miles

This running included 16 races which were mostly of the 5-K variety. I did have one Half Marathon in the mix back in October (Lewis and Clark). My times were not great under any circumstances but much of that comes back to my overall fitness and weight.

What The Future Holds

At this point, I don't know what to say on this one. I downgraded from the Marathon to the Half Marathon at St. Louis. It is SEVEN weeks away and I'm going to make a go at the training but I don't know.... The body is responding but very slowly and the stability of the hip is questionable at best.

I really want to train for an ultra-marathon. There are two in June that I've already done one time each and one in August that I've also done once. We'll see. I've got an itch but I'm afraid to even think about scratching it!!


I will let you know that even though I haven't posted even as much as a comment since just before Christmas, I have been stalking many of you from a distance. I have continued to read and stay somewhat up to date on your daily lives.

I hope to get the mileage up to par, get the body in order and get back to a normal fitness routine as well as blog somewhat periodically as I had been in the past. I hope that my return will be somewhat welcomed and that forgiveness will be granted for my transgressions.


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