Monday, December 20, 2010

Twas The Run Before Christmas.....

Week 17 for St. Louis was a very gentle, loving, caring week. The right hip/groin/thigh is very tender and hurts on pretty much every run until I get warmed up. I'm wrapping it to provide strength and support and hope to survive the early weeks before the miles get big. I'd like to be hitting more miles but......

My total for the week was a very pedestrian 17 miles. I did three short runs totalling 3 miles each and threw in a long run of 8 miles on Saturday. I also rode the mountain bike once for about 30 minutes which came out to about 5 miles. It was single digit windchill so 5 miles was about all the body would tolerate and honestly all it needed.

I'm pretty excited about St. Louis and want the Full Marathon for which I am entered. I have the fitness to do the program if the body will heal and permit the longer miles. I'll be very forthcoming, you Triathlon guys are gaining my attention. I think the training variety would be excellent for my body. The muscle balance and recovery time that it would provide is starting to look more appealing all the time.

Its going to be interesting over the next few weeks to see how well I do at moving forward and making a run at the full monty in April. I hope everyone is doing well. Its cool to read your blogs and check out the weather conditions that many of you are functioning in. Especially those of you who are to the north in climates a bit less friendly than what we have here in Missouri.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good run!! Thanks for reading!!


  1. Way to get out there! keep at it the body will adapt and work with you to STL :)


  2. Hi from one those guys a bit north of you. Yes we are getting a pile of snow lately. Good luck on the training, hope your hip heals.