Monday, December 6, 2010

Lock and Load Baby

I have been searching for the last two or three weeks for the big event of the spring. As one of my teaching buddies says, "Lock and Load!!" Its Week Eighteen. Here is the story.

I was talking with this gentleman today (we teach across the hall from each other) about whether his wife was going to run the Little Rock Half Marathon. She and I ran Lewis and Clark together. He said she was kind of wavering on it and that I needed to call her. We had both been kicking around the L.R. event....

We got started talking about different events and she got me to thinking. I checked the calendar on my phone and the Go St. Louis Marathon Weekend was eighteen weeks away. Exactly eighteen full weeks. Wow! Do I hear my Running Daddy (Hal Higdon) calling my name again? I went to the park and ran a leisurely 3 miler to have a little think time (while sitting on a rock).....


Soooo..... its week eighteen. Remember, I count DOWN as I move toward the event. This helps me with how far away I am from the actual event. This will be my 3rd regular marathon and my first since St. Jude in December 2005 which I ran in 4:28:58.

I have no goals in mind at this point other than finishing but those will come as the training progresses. I have a goal weight in mind. That mission starts tomorrow morning at the official weigh in. (Picture a big heavyweight title fight. Complete with reporters.)

I'm pretty excited as you can tell. I have to thank my former student and running buddy (T.C.) for her conversations this afternoon. She is the one who mentioned St. Louis and got me to thinking. After seeing the 18 week thing, having some brief thoughts and a great talk with with Hal while sitting on the rock in the park, it was inevitable. Thanks Girl. Decision Made.

It feels good to have an event planned which I feel passionate about. I'm looking forward to the challenge and the demands of the long runs but I do have some "feet" concerns but that simply means to be careful and proceed with caution. I'm really looking forward to making this a RUNNING BLOG again!!

Every day is a good day, some are just better. Thanks for reading.


  1. Ok, so Im not going to just give a two worded comment here. I never do, because I talk people's ears off. lol. Hey man, that is just nothing short of brilliant. Even when I got done with my last first marathon I needed to set another goal. A race goal keeps us alive I think. Always gives focus and meaning. I guess it's ok not to race, but I don't think like that anymore. For me, it's about getting better, even if that better means having a goal and having fun, not really having a pb. Thanks for sharing. So, next week will be 17 weeks. lol. Take care.

  2. Oh, I forgot to say. Very Exciting!

  3. Nice goal race! Now you need to find those fancy 26.2 running shoes to run the race in, then you are set. If you find them, let me know, b/c i want a pair too.

  4. Sounds like the perfect event: you are passionate and have a goal! Locked in!


  5. Isn't it nice when a race fits the training schedule? Best of luck to you!