Sunday, December 5, 2010

Christmas In Cobden 5-K Race Report

We made the trip to Cobden, IL yesterday for the second time this year for a 5-K run. We went there for the Peach Festival 5-K back in August so when the flyer came in the mail a couple weeks back, I thought this would be a great finishing event for the year.

The race itself was on almost the same course as the Peach Festival run. If you went to Cobden, you would understand why. Its a pretty small place with not a lot of room for variety in terms of running routes. The start-finish line was in an old feed store which a couple from town have set up as their residence. Talk about history. You are stepping back in time in this old building. It was pretty nostalgic.

The race itself started out with a nice uphill start which meant the finish was downhill (duh). It was an unbelievably small group. I would estimate 30 to 40 at most. I went out to push the pace a little on the first mile. Once you got to the top of the first climb right at the start, you had a long gradual downhill on the other side to make the first mile a relatively quick (for me) 7:59 split. It was an out and back course which made it excellent to determine your overall placing following the turn around point. I was excited to be running in the top ten at this point so I had some motivation to compete a little over the last half of the race.

I hit the two mile mark recording an 8:46 split. The tenth time was around 55 seconds setting up a final mile attempt to keep myself in the top ten overall. Approaching the final climb and subsequent descent to the finish, I was holding my place but was followed closely by the first overall female runner and another racer running with her. There was a group of about three runners directly behind them.

Too make a long story somewhat short, I aggressively attacked the final climb and hammered the downhill finish to place 9th overall. Even more impressive--I forged to a tie for both first and last in my age group. (Insert smiley face here!) Hey, they don't print this stuff on the medals. It looks good hanging in its spot!

The final mile split came in at 8:50.... so the splits go: 7:59, 8:46, :55, and 8:50 for an overall time of 26:31. Not super fast but definitely not too bad for my current level of fitness. This was my 16th running event of the year so 2010 has been a pretty decent year as far as activity. As 2011 approaches, I would like to get back to a little more disciplined diet, get the body a little more functional and add both a little speed to the runs as well as some endurance.

I honestly haven't decided my focus as to my next big event but it was good to go out for a good workout, compete a little and give the heart and lungs a good test. There are a couple of local runs still on the calendar but this is most likely the final run (race) until the Snowman Shuffle comes up January 8th.

As always.... Every day is a good day, some are just better. Thanks for reading!!

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