Saturday, December 11, 2010

And the Winner of the Free Trip to the Chiropractor is....

Ok, haven't headed there yet, but.....

I had a great first week of training up through the first three runs. I kicked in a 6 mile trail run last Sunday followed by a 3.5 miler on Monday.

After taking a couple of days off, I came back Thursday with another 6.5 miler this time on pavement. It felt great. No pain in any manner.

However.... the best was yet to come. Or the worst? Wow. Friday was lousy. Right hip, leg, glute, groin. Alignment issues according to the trainer at school. He lined me up and I felt great but later on in the day it was back.

Today, I wrapped the right hamstring nice and firm and high and went out for a 3 miler. It loosened up ok. Not the best. But ok.

All together, I got in 18.5 miles for the opening week of the St. Louis Program. I'm very pleased with the total but a little concerned with the leg. Tomorrow, I plan to cross train which I need to do a little more. Hopefully a little muscle balance will result as well as some active recovery.

It pretty good right now. I've done some of the trainer stretches and have also worked really hard to work on the IT Band. (Can of Corn) Its pretty good right now.

Gonna settle in for a nice quiet Saturday night with a Ham and Cheese from Subway and The Expendables. Check in later for my review.

Hope this finds everyone well. Happy Holidays.


  1. Great Training man. Hope you can re-allign yourself up good in your training campaign. Mine starts Jan 2nd for Gettysburg. Take care and keep running.

  2. 64 - thanks for stopping by. You were MIA there for awhile. I'm not too happy that the Rams were not able to beat the Chiefs today though.

  3. Nice to see a Missouri runner/blogger on the webs. There aren't a lot of us out there, so keep it going!