Sunday, September 12, 2010

Ugh, Ugh, Ugh, Ugh

Lewis and Clark, Week 4 went extremely well. After a quiet, but busy week last week, I got back to business. I kicked out 11.4 miles on Monday, followed by 3 miles on Wednesday, 3.5 miles on Thursday and came back with a cool 5 yesterday. The week total rounded out to be a very comfortable 22.9 miles.

Saturday's five miler included a trip to Chester, IL for the 31st Annual Popeye 5-K run. This is easily one of the best runs in the area with approximately 300 runners pre-registered. After a few select photographs, the warm up process began. I felt great and decided to check the engines on mile one and see what I had in the tank. I couldn't have asked for better. The course consists of an out and back in both directions. You start out going north, circle the high school and head back south through the start finish area (where they announce your name). You then proceed south before turning around in front of the court house to once again head back to the finish. You are for the most part either going slightly uphill or slightly downhill the entire way.


I kicked out Mile One in 7:38. I pushed through Mile Two in 8:19. This put me at the two mile mark in 15:57. I was pretty pleased. On Mile Three, I faded a little back to 8:47 (most likely due to the uphill stretch after turning around at the court house) followed by the 46 second finish on the final tenth of a mile. Over all--25:31. Good for my best 5-K of the year. Not bad considering I hadn't pre-registered and didn't decide to go until 9:45 p.m. Friday night.

Now for the trip home. We stopped to eat at one of my favorites. Al's Place in McBride, MO. Hole in the wall doesn't describe it. I first discovered this fine establishment in the summer of 1991 when I worked for Pepsi Cola. This place is GREAT. They even catered our Family Christmas meal one year. It was amazing.

The left side of the building also doubles as the community Post Office. The sign fell down a few years back and is propped up near the left corner of the building.

You quickly grasp the concept of atmosphere when you walk in the front door and just to the right are the bathrooms. It often confuses occasional city folk who stumble into the place unknowingly.

I looked over the Menu and carefully studied the Specials........

Before deciding on the Open Face Roast Beef Plate. Simply stated, It is as good as it looks. Maybe even better. I have not been eating much meat or very much in the line of animal products on many meals. So..... this was awesome. I actually have a picture of the cleaned plate but thought you'd get more of a kick out of the bathroom and post office sign. Our girl's cross country team stops at this place to eat every year when they go to Chester for their first meet of the year. The freshmen girls who haven't been there before are fun to watch.
The body is phenomenal. My weight last week was around 187-188 pounds most of the week. Monday's 11 miles were great. The added rest has really worked well and the diet has been amazing. I haven't been totally vegan or totally vegetarian but have just avoided a lot of the fast food we normally consume. On several occasions, I have sat down to a plate of veggies with a bagel or piece of bread and maybe some fruit. I've eaten my weight in Red, Yellow, Orange, and Green Peppers. Two cantaloupes in one week? Yep.
Three weeks from today, the race is on. Lewis and Clark. I'm getting excited. (And a little nervous.) Mostly excited. I'm really close to being ready to go. I have a couple more 10 milers planned and then its go time. I'm working on polishing up the form, a little core work, some climbing..... all the little prep stuff to hopefully make this event work.
Hey guys, gotta run. Going to go upstairs and fix a Roast. Oh yeah, no meat though. New Red Potatoes, some Cabbage, some Onions, and Baby Carrots all thrown in the roasting bag with the seasoning mix. I'll let you know how it turns out.
Every day is a good day, some are just better. Thanks for reading.


  1. Nice work on the impromptu 5K! 3 weeks!? Taper time.. Yesssss

    That beef w/ gravy looked scary.

  2. Congrats on the best 5k of the year man. Something about those races that make you want to come back for more. Hole in the wall? Was there even a wall? lol.

  3. Love reading your posts... They really take me back. I think I ran the Popeye 5k about 15 years ago! Great job with the training and the race.

  4. Hey Guys--Thanks for the feedback. The roast beef was AWESOME. The 5-K went extremely well and right now the training is going wonderfully.

    Ethan--we're going to have to pick a Southern Illinois race and meet up. It'd be fun. If you look at my 2010 races--when I'm staying busy, I like to run over in IL. There are so many good races.

    I'm going maybe 20+ this year.