Wednesday, September 22, 2010

264 Hours and Counting......

264 Hours and counting until the Lewis and Clark Half-Marathon in St. Charles, MO. (Give or take a little.) Week 3 running went well with 19 miles. I backed things off a little bit running my 12 miler early in the week due to scheduling conflicts. I ran two 3.5 mile runs and pretty much had to pack it in for the week. Softball and school commitments have been unreal. Every single day since last Friday has been daylight to dark and then some.

I feel pretty good. This week has been crazy but the mileage is on pace. I am going to do one more ten miler Friday afternoon to wrap up the double digit running and taper next week with the big event coming up on Sunday, October 3rd. I'm very excited but extremely nervous which is cool.

I think I had lost some of the fun of actually being nervous for the "big events" as weird as that sounds. I had gotten my fitness to the point of coasting through a half marathon with honestly very little concern. My goal is very hard to establish for this event. Ultimately, I want to finish and improve on my 2009 disaster at the Country Music Marathon. I had leg problems and really struggled to finish. I now know the feelings of dealing with an injury that you can't just ice, stretch, take a few Ibuprofen, and fix.

I have really kind of looked at this event as somewhat starting over. Reading Kenley's blog at The Essence of Running has really helped. He just recently finished his FIRST half marathon and his excitement and enthusiasm has helped to kind of push me along a little. I haven't posted much on his blog due to a very busy schedule-----so, Kenley gets his own paragraph and a special THANK YOU for his fantastic race report. You can tell from his race report that the dude was PUMPED to successfully complete the event that he had trained diligently for. Eleven days man, eleven days.....

As for the goals. One, finish and be healthy. This race is my first back from injury (PF) which I will officially quit mentioning after successfully completing this event. It is also the site of MY FIRST EVER HALF. I ran this event (be it a different course) in 2002 with a time of 2:14:28. So----I will officially place this as a goal time. I want to match or beat this time. I ran it again in 2003 with a time of 2:06:44. So---this is my secondary goal time. If I am feeling well and the body is working, who knows. These are my TWO time goals.

Thanks for the occasional feedback and support. All comments, regardless of how brief are fantastic. Once softball is done, I get to be human again so you will get actually get some feedback from me. After I complete L & C, I will let you know about another little fee, or should I say ENTRY FEE that has already been paid for November. Oh yeah!

Every day is a good day, some are just better.


  1. Get out there and get it.

    Keep on keeping on brother!


  2. What would be cool is if the whole thing was over in less 266 hours, break that 2 hour mark...

  3. Don't you just love being busy. lol. So, how many Halfs have you done? I am guessing 2? Best wishes to you in this one coming right up around the corner. Thanks for the paragraph. I don't have any more races in site just yet. You know, I am quite sure, that if you taper just right, you will not have a problem beating 2 hours. BTW, thanks for stopping in on my site frequently. I normally post something once or twice a week. Take care and have fun on taper. I remember when I tapered, I felt like a lazy pig going from all of that mileage to almost nothing it seems.

  4. You've got it!!

    Can't wait to hear about it!!

  5. 2:00 stretch goal? Sounds like you are in a good place, enjoy the race and the taper before (not too much).