Sunday, August 1, 2010

Week Ten Failure: A Test of My Blogging Skills

Ok campers, here today I come before you to test my blogging skills. How can I put a good spin on a really lousy Week 10 training? I can't come up with anything. Any suggestions? I should keep it simple and just omit blogging this week, pretend the blog was posted and maybe lost, tell a little white lie......

Its like this, I have nothing. I should listen to the dudes above and keep this to myself. It may drag you down as a blog reader. You may drop me. You may say, "This dude could rub off, I'm not taking any chances."

I'm definitely not going to get a Man of the Year Award by any standards but here goes:
Sunday 7/25 3.5 miles
Monday 7/26 3 miles
Tuesday 7/27 3.1 miles Homecomer 5-K

Yep, you guessed it. I've started my half marathon taper. In freaking July!! I have no other way to explain it. Week 10 is in the books with 9.6 miles.

I had softball camp this last week every morning at 9:00 a.m. We worked them a solid two hours pretty much every day and then finished with come "coach talk" discussing lineups and positions. It is a very important week for us from a early season preparation standpoint.

To give you some background, I was the Head Girls Softball Coach from 1992 until 2002. I stepped away after 11 years and handed the position to one of my former players. She kept the position for around 5 or 6 years or so before passing it on to another one of my former students who was also one of my former players from a different sport. Hey, what can I say? This is my 20th year at the same school, my former players and students are everywhere!! I returned to the sport three years ago as this young man's assistant. (This is a position I take very serious. Its very hard to be a GOOD assistant coach.)

I was concerned that my mileage would dip some but I really didn't want it to go to single digits. I did quite a bit of running in practice Thursday during a drill but I have no idea of the distance and don't record workouts where I have no concept.... of what exactly to write down.


So..... after a week of softball camp, 9.6 miles of half marathon training and a lot of sitting on my butt, I will get myself back moving pounding the roads of Southeast Missouri because (pause reading for dramatic effect) after this next week, guess what? Come on guess what is coming up? Yep!! You got it. SOFTBALL PRACTICE!!! TWO-A-DAYS!! And I thought it was tough to get miles in this week.....

Everyday is a good day, some are just better!! Thanks for reading.


  1. You could have done a lot worse like zero miles. As a loyal follower, i'll let you slide this time. Seriously, we all struggle to find balance...whatever that is.

  2. I agree with KC. Atleast you got out there and squeezed in what you could with the limited time you had. Well done.

  3. The girls are right. 9.6 is better than 0. You could also take artistic license and quote in kilometers this week. That puts you in double digits - 15.45