Monday, August 9, 2010

Week Nine was Fine

I could do some Muhammad Ali or some Dr. Seuss and maybe a little Sam I Am and throw in some rhyme but hey, its Monday morning. I'm going to keep it simple. Week 9 training is in the books. I had a great week of running. I ran six of the seven days last week. On my one day off, I did what I think you tri-guys and tri-gals call a brick workout. I took my mountain bike out for a 12 mile ride and followed it up with a 450 yd swim in the pool. It was a pretty good workout for a day off. In kind of a strange twist, the week also included two races. We were in St. Charles last weekend for a Sunday morning 5 miler and Cobden this past weekend for a three miler. I love running local 5-K's. They just have a great atmosphere.

Here are the numbers for the week.

8/1 5 miles St. Charles Flat Five 45:44
8/2 3.2 miles 800 repeats--Pullium Pride, parked in family cemetery
8/3 3.2 miles Hill Repeats--Maple Hollow, Cape County Park
8/4 Mountain Bike ride and Swim
8/5 10 mile run--City Park
8/6 3.2 miles--At Parent's House
8/7 3.1 miles Cobden Peach Festival 5K 26:35

All together-----27.7 running miles.

TWO-A-DAY Softball practices this week. Its gonna be busy. Everyone have a good one.


  1. Great week of training - love the race bookends.

  2. Been meaning to swing by and post a comment. Nice run volume you have been putting up and nice 5K over the weekend. All of this run volume is going to add up and then suddenly one day you are going to have a HUGE PR!

  3. Very solid week 64. Way to mix it up with the speed and hills.

  4. week nine was NOT "fine" it was fabulous!

    Way to go!

  5. Very good week! Hope this one is going well for you too!