Sunday, August 15, 2010

Week Eight Training, A Week of.......

Hello faithful readers. Week eight training, a week of..... softball, bicycle wrecks, softball, soreness, softball, more soreness..... Lets get to the devil in the details.

As many of you know, I am in my third year as a high school assistant softball coach. I had been the head coach from 1992 until 2002 but was away from the game for a few years before returning as an assistant in 2008. This past week consisted of two-a-day practices at 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Wednesday. We had single practices on both Thursday and Friday. The heat most days was miserable. We tried to keep track of this daily for the safety of the players. Most days, the heat index especially for the afternoon practice was in excess of 110 degrees. Literally, almost too hot to even function.

You can figure it out by now that my mileage for the week dipped. To be honest, I took it in stride and used it as a step back or recovery week. Here are the numbers for the week.

8/8 5 miles Tywappity Lake (2 Laps)
8/9 2.5 miles Tywappity Lake (a.m. run)
8/9 2 miles Before Practice (p.m. run)
8/11 Mountain Bike Ride 5 miles Tywappity Lake Trail
8/12 2 miles Mom and Dads
8/14 3.1 miles Jour de Fete 5-K Run

The week total: 14.6 miles

The week wasn't as uneventful as you might think. On Wednesday, I rode the lake trail with my principal. We hammered the first lap pretty smoothly. Its very technical single track with lots of good climbing and descending. On the second lap, I was in the process of dismounting to cross a bridge when disaster struck. I couldn't get off the darn bike, and I couldn't get back on either.

I was hammering along behind the boss (trying to keep up) as we approached a bridge. I went to dismount while moving a little too quickly. The balance went astray and it was over. I had my first actual bicycle crash in about twenty years. It was much easier at 26 than it is at 46. After getting up and figuring out that my bike was still intact (the obvious first concern), I found the right calf to be screaming in pain. I was somewhere between sick to my stomach and just flat ticked off. I thought, "holy cow--you idiot, you've just wasted five good weeks of training to come out here...." Long story short, I iced and stretched and all is good. The body is a little sore, part from the ride, part from the crash. I'm not really sure what pain is coming from what activity.


As you may have guessed, I ran a 5-K yesterday. The Jour de Fete 5-K in Saint Genevieve, MO yesterday went pretty well the first two miles. I was really sore from the weeks activities and wanted to try to hold about a 8:30 pace if possible. That was about my AVERAGE pace for last weeks event.

The miles were not marked but I was running with a guy from the area that knows the course and he identified the two mile mark as we crossed it. (Two mile time: 17:18) That works out for an 8:39 average split. Not too bad. The last 1.1 however was much more UGLY.

You know a race course has a good hill when they advertise it on their flyer!! Maxwell Hill rears its ugly face right when you want to push hard on that last mile and power toward the finish line. It is really a dandy. It broke me. (It broke several of us.) I'd like to leave out the part about having to walk some of Max. I think I will. Pretend I never mentioned it. I managed to drag my tired oxygen-in-debt butt up Max and actually had some fun racing some of the other fellow mid-packers on the final stretch. The time was 27:44 which averaged out as an average split of 8:56. Not really what I wanted but it was about all I had yesterday.

THE MOST AMAZING THING--WHEN I TURNED IN MY STICK AT THE FINISH I SCANNED THE MALE 45-49 AGE GROUP RESULTS. MY AGE GROUP INCLUDED THE 3RD, 5TH, 7TH, AND 9TH PLACE FINISHERS! WOW. We're supposed to be old right? Rocking chair material? Not these guys!! I was the 55th place finisher. They had 96 pre-registered runners so with race day registrations figured in, I was solid middle of the pack.

AVERAGE--story of my life!!

School starts tomorrow so its back to the real world. Or at least my version of it. We have one more week of practice before games begin so we have a lot to do with the softball team to get them ready to go.

My half marathon is SEVEN weeks from today. I feel that the first 6 weeks of training have gone well. I'm averaging just under 20 miles a week running. That will pick up some now that my long runs are going to be pretty much in the ten mile range if possible. I am going to start running of a morning to alleviate being too tired or too busy due to the school schedule.

****I want to welcome several new readers over the course of the last few weeks. Barefoot Neil, Emz, Kenley, Barb, Tricia, Barbie, Jon....

****I started my blog around the time that summer was starting. I can honestly say that it is really cool to get on your blogs and read about your lives and your family activities as well as your training and that YOUR COMMENTS REALLY MEAN A LOT!! Please keep them coming, if nothing else but just to say Hi. I try to read and throw a word or two out there as much as possible.

Every day is a good day, some are just better. Thanks for reading.


  1. 5K machine! - stick to it ...7 weeks to go - get it done!

  2. I start back at teaching (high school math) this week. I love teaching but it really cuts into my workout time :) It will be 4:30 wake up calls most days.

  3. DRog--Think Albert Pujols.... I'm not a machine!

    Barb--Yeah, whoever thought up this making a living thing must have been on drugs or something. Its highly overrated!! I did three miles this morning at 5 a.m. as well.

  4. awesome week!! Love the re-cap.

  5. I'm so glad you weren't hurt too bad from your bike crash!
    Great job on the 5k race! Woohoo!

  6. 64, way to get out there so much. Tough to run long distances in that brutal heat. I think you will rock your half.

  7. The heat has been tough on us down here too. Last saturday I ran in the morning and was amazed by how cool 80 degrees felt!
    Hey, thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog. I really appreciate the vote of confidence. New distances always seem a bit intimidating, but also exciting.
    I'm following a modified 5k training plan right now, because I have a 5k in October and then the half is in December. I modified the 5k training plan to include longer saturday runs, taking me to 10 miles by mid to late september.
    After the 5k, I'm jumping into one of Hal's half marathon plans, either the novice or the intermediate, or some combination of the two.

  8. Wow, I am lucky to be living in Maine - we have had pretty comfortable weather up here (should I tell you that 80 is hot right now?) Way to stick with your training with such a busy schedule coach!

    Bummer about the bridge bike crash - glad you are OK.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day! I found your blog a week or so ago (very happy I did) and am an official follower!

  9. Good post, keep up good training and you will get better result.