Monday, August 2, 2010

Race Report: The St. Charles Flat Five

Alrighty Blogees, last week failure... Sunday Success!! We went to St. Louis Saturday to spend the night, run the St. Charles Flat Five on Sunday morning, and attend a Cardinals game.

This was my second running of the Flat Five. There has been such a large gap in between the running of these events, its cool to compare the numbers. This year, I wanted to focus on running a 9:00 minute pace. I could have started out a little faster and actually felt pretty good along the way but I wanted to set the cruise on 9 flat and go for it. No, I'm not wearing a Garmin. I'm totally running by feel. Here are the numbers:

Mile.....2003...... 2010


Now, I know for you speed burners 45:44 isn't fast by most standards. I think its pretty cool though, at 46 to run a better time than I did at 39. My honest focus again was pace and consistency. At one point in my running career, I was a little too comfortable (cocky) with the fact that with moderate effort, I could go out and cruise a half marathon and at least be NEAR the 2 hour mark. I lost a lot of fitness due not running much following my dad's surgery (Open Heart Surgery 2 Years Ago YESTERDAY!! Happy Anniversary Dad!!) and my foot injury. I now know as I have posted on a couple of comments on other blogs--its never just a 5K or its never just a half marathon. Take nothing for granted.

Sorry, I rambled a little there!! Yesterday's race went well. My splits are pretty consistent. Again, totally by feel--no Garmin. I had more at the start but kept it in reserve and actually felt great at the end and had plenty left. I had a little pain in my feet which concerns me but I felt ok afterward and things are good today.

After Tuesday's effort, I was kind of scared what would happen in this event but I ran a better overall pace over 5 miles and the effort was great. As to my thoughts and approach. This was the finishing location and general area of my half coming up in October. So, I wanted to practice my pace, inspect the starting area, parking, ect... and start working my way toward event mode.

As for my place in the herd.... I was number 137 of 284 runners overall. I'm ok with that considering my goals for this event. I would want to be higher if this event were my primary focus. In the male category, I was number 102 of 156 runners. I would like to be a little higher here also but again, my goal was 9 Flat so when I set my sights on using this event to practice for the bigger one, I can't complain.

As for the game--Cards 9 Pirates 1

Pujols went yard in the 5th. Unfortunately, his drive went into the left field bleacher area. We were sitting in the right field bleachers. Oh well, we didn't make Sportscenter. Save that one for another day. Thanks for Reading!!!!


  1. The splits look good. I '03 it looks like you got a little out of your comfort zone in mile 2 and tried to recover on 3,4,5. This year you where smart about it and came in what, about 20 secs faster? Sounds like a win to me.

  2. Negative splits is always good and to beat a time from that many years ago even better. Nice race!

  3. nice work! The big thing that I saw on there was how consistent you are with your splits now. Consistency is KEY!

  4. Fellow '64-er, big congrats. Completely stating the obvious here, but speed is sooo relative. You were stoked and that's all that counts. BTW, thanks for Ryan Ludwig. See you in the playoffs. Go Padres (best record in the NL).

  5. Great race! interesting to compare the years with the gap ...

  6. Always great to get faster as we get older...not easy to accomplish.

    I may not be a '64er, but I am pretty close as a '66er :)

    Just be glad you are not an Indians fan :(

  7. Hey Guys and Gals--Thanks for all the positive feedback on this event. I'm really pleased. I do need to focus on speed as my base continues to build. I'm just not very good at it.

    It is cool to compare the events especially with the 7 year gap between events.

    Chris--dude, do you have to rake me on Ludwick? Come on now!!! Yeah, I'm not sure about that one. I'm a huge Cards fan but that trade scares me. I liked Luddy.

  8. I run about the same pace as you, I don't know how those speedsters do it! Nice job!