Thursday, August 5, 2010


The number explains itself. Right? No explanation required. Many of the guys who read this will immediately think of Bo Derek running on the beach headed straight for Dudley Moore in the 1979 movie classic.

Ok, truth be told.... Bo was a TEN, but the movie itself.... not so much. On a popular movie website, it only rates a 5.8 out of 10. I should have used the photo of Bo running on the beach but what can I say? This is a family website!!

THIS POST..... 10...... WHY YOU ASK?

BECAUSE 64 CLASSIC JUST ROCKED HIS FIRST 10 MILER FOR THE 2010 CALENDAR YEAR. It is actually my first ten miler since May 30, 2009 when I was in Paducah, KY running an ill-advised ultra marathon with not enough preparation/training following an injury during a half-marathon in April.

It wasn't pretty by any standards. I hit the road at 5:45 a.m. this morning. I drove down to the city park and ran most of the run in the park. This makes water stops and bathrooms very convenient.

It was already 87 when I started the run with a heat index of almost 100. The first five miles were terrible when a front moved through just to the north of town. I thought it was going to rain me out but instead, it just cooled things off perfectly. By the time I got finished, the temperature had actually dropped from 87 to 79. Now how often does that happen?

The run itself was a struggle. Part of the problem--mental. Part of the problem--physical. The mental part--after being injured, I just don't trust the body to hold up. I do have to say, the feet are great. A little tender but only from a little too much moisture and almost building to the blister stage. The physical part.... crap I was running ten miles. No explanation needed. Right?

I hate to be a Sissy but this half-marathon is pushing me harder mentally and physically than the first one I did back in 2002. Having completed around a dozen of these things, this just should not be the case!!

As I have posted previously, I had developed a comfort zone where I knew that I could go out and easily push through a two hour event.

This is great. I love it. Its why I run. Why do you run? Why do you TRI? Lets hear it.

Every day is a good day, some are just better. Thanks for reading.


  1. Right on! I have found lately that the mental aspect of the sport is my new nemesis.

    Through running and triathlons I have opened new areas in my mind. A lot of people face something hard and quit... I can't quit, ever. Then after I struggle at something I find a way to get better at it and "re-test" myself at it to see the improvement.

    I guess the reason I do it is to test uncharted waters and see self improvement.

    I am also fascinated in our age of fast paced life and laziness the idea that I can go distances powered by my own motor that I have never imagined.

    Who knows, maybe next year I will do the 100miler run that ran through our neighborhood last weekend :)

    Don't think of your injuries when you run, all of a sudden they always start flaring up, the mind is dangerous.

  2. Nice 10 !!! (the run that is)

  3. Great job on your 10 miler. What will be your longest run in preparation for the 1/2 marathon?

  4. Matty--I agree with so much you said its scary. It just amazes me when running comes up how the automatic comment is, "Oh I can't run." And the excuses begin. This is adults as well as kids at school Its scary. I'm not overly athletic. If I can run, just about anyone can.

    A friend of mine hosted a 12 and 24 hour event this spring. I wanted in so bad. I wouldn't even go watch because I knew I couldn't participate.

    DRog--I was hesitant at first to use Bo as my 10 to help celebrate my 10. My wife approved it so I guess BOTH 10's are ok!!

    Brian--Usually in the past I would just work up to one 10 miler in preparation for a 1/2. And it wouldn't happen this early. I wanted this one in early so I have time to repeat it. I want to hit the 10 a couple more times. I may take it up to 11 or 12. Just depends on the body.

    My pacework needs to start being a focus if I can just get some more strength.

    Thanks for the quick input on the post....

  5. Great work there. As for me, why do I run? Well when I can I run because a year ago I couldn't. And running shows me just how far i have come.

  6. Well done! Did you listen to Ravel's Bolero?

  7. Nice job on that 10-miler, especially in the heat--87 degrees that early in the morning YIKES!!

    I run/tri because I love to see how far I can push, and because I want to live to be very old and still be livin' the good life as I age.

    I think strength and exercise is the fountain of youth.

  8. Awesome run! Holy crap, in that heat too! You are a rock star!

    I run/tri/ride/etc because I love the challenge and pushing myself just to see what I can do. And I like feeling strong and just makes me happy!

  9. Thanks again for the awesome feedback on the ten miler. It makes it fun to log in and find comments!!

    I'm just thankful for things to be going so well. I'm SLOWLY making progress back toward being a normal runner.

    I think its time to maybe quit talking about coming off of an injury.... ok, maybe I'll wait until I finish my half first!!

    BTW--I youtubed Ravel's Bolero. Loved it. Was it in the movie?

  10. I run so I can easily pass kidney stones. lol. I am just thankful to God that I have the limbs and ability to run (started back last year and lost 50 pounds) and so I am going to rock it. Congrats on the 10 in the heat no doubt. New to your blog site, and love it. I remember my first 10, great to hit those double digits man. Will def put this on my blog roll. Take care.