Sunday, August 29, 2010


When I posted last week, I was pretty much disgusted with my week's efforts (21.5 miles but a long run of only 6.5 miles) and I stated that I planned this week to strive toward four quality workouts and a little time off. It was rough but I took Sunday and Wednesday completely off. No running or biking at all.
Jeff at Dangle the Carrot was kind of enthused by my Hal Higdon comment so I actually decided to just go with Hal this week as my "Running Daddy" instead of Darth despite the obvious Star Wars reference on the post title. Actually, I don't think Darth ran anyway. The helmet would NOT have been comfortable.
As stated, 4 runs was the goal. Two shorter, one mid-range, and one long. All relative to my fitness level and current goals. Let's skip any further appetizers and get to the main course. The week went well. Two complete days off. NOTHING. It was tough. I completed five runs for the week for a total of 25. 5 miles. Monday, I started the week with 3.5 miles. I came back Tuesday with 3.2 miles. Thursday, I returned with 5.2 miles with another 3.5 miles coming on Friday right after school. Saturday, I started to do a mid-day run but didn't feel very well so I took a NAP instead! (Yes, I said a nap!) The nap worked because I went out about 7 p.m. and kicked out an EASY 10.1 miler to finish the week.
I went kind of old school with the 10 miler. I really like to run point to point for some reason. So..... I strapped on the Gatorades and started out Highway 72 which has a NEW lane on each side of the road (Thank you MODOT!!) toward the country. I had my lovely bride pick me up at Millersville which was about 6.5 miles into the run. Upon arriving back into town, I took off on what I call Megan's Circle (it's a course me and my daughter ran several times together back when she started running, hence--special route) and wrapped up the 10-spot. It went very well. I had no foot pain and felt strong the entire ten miles. So, anyone reading this can most likely come up with the schedule for this week's running. Four solid runs. Two short, one medium, one long. Again, all relative to the event and current fitness level.
Props this week go out to Kenley at The Essence of Running for registering for his first official race, The Capital Blue Cross Half Marathon in Harrisburg, PA. He has been running for about a year and a half and definitely deserves a "shout out" for jumping on that first race. Stop by his blog and throw out some quality first race motivational kindness!!
Every day is a good day, some are just better. As always, thanks for reading.

Saturday, August 21, 2010


Week Seven Running and the First Week of School:
Hopefully the title and picture kind of have you prepared for the report on this week! Actually, the week overall was pretty good. I logged 21.5 miles on the ground. The early week runs went very well. I logged three miles per day Sunday through Thursday with the week day runs coming at 5 a.m. I took Friday off and had planned a 10 miler today to cap the week. As you can see to the right, I just didn't have it today. I kicked out 6.5 miles and scrapped the workout for the day.

I've been generally pretty displeased today with the ten spot going south. It has just been general disgruntlement. (Is that a real word?) Next week, due to school and softball practice, I'm going to try to go a little Hal Higdon on you. I'd like four good workouts. I hope to go short, mid-range, short, and long for my four runs and give myself a little rest and recovery time.
Best case scenario, I may ride the mountain bike a little. It just depends on how I'm feeling throughout the week. Something needs to kick in and jumpstart my butt though. I'm a little concerned that the long runs just are not progressing as well as I would like. I can actually feel a little self-doubt kicking in and I've not had to deal with that before when preparing for a half-marathon. The full monty--yep sure as well as an ultra but generally I've always felt very comfortable that I could go out and kick the dog out of a two hour run. I need that back.
On a side note, I want to wish Amanda at Caratunk Girl and Jon from SwiCycloRun lots of luck tomorrow. They are both competing in the Timberman Ironman 70.3 in New Hampshire tomorrow. If you are up and about early in the morning, you can follow them online as they compete in their respective heats. Go to their webpages for their full names and bib numbers as well as motivational and entertaining videos. Good luck to both of you!!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Week Eight Training, A Week of.......

Hello faithful readers. Week eight training, a week of..... softball, bicycle wrecks, softball, soreness, softball, more soreness..... Lets get to the devil in the details.

As many of you know, I am in my third year as a high school assistant softball coach. I had been the head coach from 1992 until 2002 but was away from the game for a few years before returning as an assistant in 2008. This past week consisted of two-a-day practices at 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Wednesday. We had single practices on both Thursday and Friday. The heat most days was miserable. We tried to keep track of this daily for the safety of the players. Most days, the heat index especially for the afternoon practice was in excess of 110 degrees. Literally, almost too hot to even function.

You can figure it out by now that my mileage for the week dipped. To be honest, I took it in stride and used it as a step back or recovery week. Here are the numbers for the week.

8/8 5 miles Tywappity Lake (2 Laps)
8/9 2.5 miles Tywappity Lake (a.m. run)
8/9 2 miles Before Practice (p.m. run)
8/11 Mountain Bike Ride 5 miles Tywappity Lake Trail
8/12 2 miles Mom and Dads
8/14 3.1 miles Jour de Fete 5-K Run

The week total: 14.6 miles

The week wasn't as uneventful as you might think. On Wednesday, I rode the lake trail with my principal. We hammered the first lap pretty smoothly. Its very technical single track with lots of good climbing and descending. On the second lap, I was in the process of dismounting to cross a bridge when disaster struck. I couldn't get off the darn bike, and I couldn't get back on either.

I was hammering along behind the boss (trying to keep up) as we approached a bridge. I went to dismount while moving a little too quickly. The balance went astray and it was over. I had my first actual bicycle crash in about twenty years. It was much easier at 26 than it is at 46. After getting up and figuring out that my bike was still intact (the obvious first concern), I found the right calf to be screaming in pain. I was somewhere between sick to my stomach and just flat ticked off. I thought, "holy cow--you idiot, you've just wasted five good weeks of training to come out here...." Long story short, I iced and stretched and all is good. The body is a little sore, part from the ride, part from the crash. I'm not really sure what pain is coming from what activity.


As you may have guessed, I ran a 5-K yesterday. The Jour de Fete 5-K in Saint Genevieve, MO yesterday went pretty well the first two miles. I was really sore from the weeks activities and wanted to try to hold about a 8:30 pace if possible. That was about my AVERAGE pace for last weeks event.

The miles were not marked but I was running with a guy from the area that knows the course and he identified the two mile mark as we crossed it. (Two mile time: 17:18) That works out for an 8:39 average split. Not too bad. The last 1.1 however was much more UGLY.

You know a race course has a good hill when they advertise it on their flyer!! Maxwell Hill rears its ugly face right when you want to push hard on that last mile and power toward the finish line. It is really a dandy. It broke me. (It broke several of us.) I'd like to leave out the part about having to walk some of Max. I think I will. Pretend I never mentioned it. I managed to drag my tired oxygen-in-debt butt up Max and actually had some fun racing some of the other fellow mid-packers on the final stretch. The time was 27:44 which averaged out as an average split of 8:56. Not really what I wanted but it was about all I had yesterday.

THE MOST AMAZING THING--WHEN I TURNED IN MY STICK AT THE FINISH I SCANNED THE MALE 45-49 AGE GROUP RESULTS. MY AGE GROUP INCLUDED THE 3RD, 5TH, 7TH, AND 9TH PLACE FINISHERS! WOW. We're supposed to be old right? Rocking chair material? Not these guys!! I was the 55th place finisher. They had 96 pre-registered runners so with race day registrations figured in, I was solid middle of the pack.

AVERAGE--story of my life!!

School starts tomorrow so its back to the real world. Or at least my version of it. We have one more week of practice before games begin so we have a lot to do with the softball team to get them ready to go.

My half marathon is SEVEN weeks from today. I feel that the first 6 weeks of training have gone well. I'm averaging just under 20 miles a week running. That will pick up some now that my long runs are going to be pretty much in the ten mile range if possible. I am going to start running of a morning to alleviate being too tired or too busy due to the school schedule.

****I want to welcome several new readers over the course of the last few weeks. Barefoot Neil, Emz, Kenley, Barb, Tricia, Barbie, Jon....

****I started my blog around the time that summer was starting. I can honestly say that it is really cool to get on your blogs and read about your lives and your family activities as well as your training and that YOUR COMMENTS REALLY MEAN A LOT!! Please keep them coming, if nothing else but just to say Hi. I try to read and throw a word or two out there as much as possible.

Every day is a good day, some are just better. Thanks for reading.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Week Nine was Fine

I could do some Muhammad Ali or some Dr. Seuss and maybe a little Sam I Am and throw in some rhyme but hey, its Monday morning. I'm going to keep it simple. Week 9 training is in the books. I had a great week of running. I ran six of the seven days last week. On my one day off, I did what I think you tri-guys and tri-gals call a brick workout. I took my mountain bike out for a 12 mile ride and followed it up with a 450 yd swim in the pool. It was a pretty good workout for a day off. In kind of a strange twist, the week also included two races. We were in St. Charles last weekend for a Sunday morning 5 miler and Cobden this past weekend for a three miler. I love running local 5-K's. They just have a great atmosphere.

Here are the numbers for the week.

8/1 5 miles St. Charles Flat Five 45:44
8/2 3.2 miles 800 repeats--Pullium Pride, parked in family cemetery
8/3 3.2 miles Hill Repeats--Maple Hollow, Cape County Park
8/4 Mountain Bike ride and Swim
8/5 10 mile run--City Park
8/6 3.2 miles--At Parent's House
8/7 3.1 miles Cobden Peach Festival 5K 26:35

All together-----27.7 running miles.

TWO-A-DAY Softball practices this week. Its gonna be busy. Everyone have a good one.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Cobden Peach Festival 5-K Race Report

Has anyone noticed that I can be somewhat of a race junkie? Just wondering. We had another early morning today. We left around 5:30 a.m. for Cobden, IL for the Peach Festival 5-K. Cobden is a small town of around 1100 in Southern Illinois about 15 miles south of Carbondale.

Part of Cobden's claim to fame is very evident by the continued recognition of their 1964 high school basketball team. This team which was known as the Amazing Appleknockers was a finalist in the state basketball playoffs. They finished second losing to Pekin in a heartbreaker 50 to 45. We snapped a picture with the sign honoring this team at the entrance to the city park. Check out the website to see the real picture and to learn more about the team. Its actually a pretty cool website.

The sign and the website definitely give you the feel of a different time period in our country. It most certainly has a Hoosiers feel about it but we were in town about four hours and I didn't see Gene Hackman or Jimmy Chitwood any where around. I do have a feeling that this team maybe did run the Picket Fence and maybe even the Swinging Gate though.

Finally to the race itself. I had already decided to have some fun with this one. In the past (in times of better fitness), I have been known to go out and run with the rabbits at the front of the group just to see how long I can hang on. Its maybe only for a half mile or so but its still really fun!! I just kind of throw caution and the thought of "negative splits" into the wind and take off.

I kind of had that in mind today but didn't pay close enough attention at the start of the race and managed to get myself boxed in. It was Steve Prefontaine all over again.

Like I said, I was boxed in at the beginning which slowed down the first 300 or 400 meters, really not that far. I hit the one mile mark at 8:02. The race course seemed flat but was run for the most part either going slightly uphill or slightly downhill. Nothing drastic. Mile two was completed in 8:50. I meant to back off a little but not quite that much. I ran the last 1.1 miles in 9:42 which isn't blazing but is better than the 10:12 I ran at the Homecomer's 5-K last week.

Overall, my time was 26:35 (8:35 pace) and was good for a third place medal in the Men's 45-49 age group. I'm pretty pleased except for the fact that I think the top two guys in my age group were fairly close in front of me. They caught me on mile two and slowly pulled away. In general, I'm pretty tickled with my effort. My weight is lousy but my feet feel great so I guess you have to take what you can get. I had a great training week which I will blog about later and overall just feel pretty solid about where things stand.

Other Thoughts for the Day:
****We were stopped on the way there by a guy with very long gray/white hair, and a very long gray/white beard, wearing a tye-dyed shirt. (Jerry Garcia??) We thought there had been a wreck. Two or three cars were pulled over and a car was in the ditch. Jerry greeted us with the question, "HEY, WOULD YOU HELP US PUSH THESE GUYS OUT OF THE DITCH SO THEY WON'T GET IN TROUBLE WITH THE LAW?" I was wearing my Spenco sandals and only had my race shoes with me. Any suggestions as to how to say NO nicely?

****At the last few races in Southern Illinois, an older gentleman who is one of my favorites has been missing. Mr. Stinson is 75 years old and had quadruple bypass 6 weeks ago. Today, he made his way back to his favorite hobby by walking the 5-K. He received a big round of applause when his name was called to receive his second place medal. Welcome back Charles!! It was awesome to see your return.

**** This last thought is both difficult and inspiring. The race course made a left turn out of the park and headed out of town past a cemetary. After the turn around, on the way back into town, I noticed a tombstone with the name Walker on it. As I got closer, I could read the first name. I then figured out that this was the gravestone of a teacher with whom I had taught with for 3 years at the start of my career. She passed away a few years back of an illness of which I'm not familiar with. She was somewhere around my age. I knew that she had passed away but had NO idea of where she was buried. It was so weird to stumble on to her burial site in the middle of a race. We had actually shared an office at one point.

I spent the next mile and a half thinking back to my first few years of teaching and to the faculty that I worked with during that time. There have been 4 members of this group to pass away up to this point. It brought on a very sad feeling during the race but also a special determination to keep plodding forward, one step at at time, gathering race shirts and occasional bling, while living life to the fullest, and being the best husband, father, teacher, and friend possible.

Best wishes to all. Thanks for reading.

Thursday, August 5, 2010


The number explains itself. Right? No explanation required. Many of the guys who read this will immediately think of Bo Derek running on the beach headed straight for Dudley Moore in the 1979 movie classic.

Ok, truth be told.... Bo was a TEN, but the movie itself.... not so much. On a popular movie website, it only rates a 5.8 out of 10. I should have used the photo of Bo running on the beach but what can I say? This is a family website!!

THIS POST..... 10...... WHY YOU ASK?

BECAUSE 64 CLASSIC JUST ROCKED HIS FIRST 10 MILER FOR THE 2010 CALENDAR YEAR. It is actually my first ten miler since May 30, 2009 when I was in Paducah, KY running an ill-advised ultra marathon with not enough preparation/training following an injury during a half-marathon in April.

It wasn't pretty by any standards. I hit the road at 5:45 a.m. this morning. I drove down to the city park and ran most of the run in the park. This makes water stops and bathrooms very convenient.

It was already 87 when I started the run with a heat index of almost 100. The first five miles were terrible when a front moved through just to the north of town. I thought it was going to rain me out but instead, it just cooled things off perfectly. By the time I got finished, the temperature had actually dropped from 87 to 79. Now how often does that happen?

The run itself was a struggle. Part of the problem--mental. Part of the problem--physical. The mental part--after being injured, I just don't trust the body to hold up. I do have to say, the feet are great. A little tender but only from a little too much moisture and almost building to the blister stage. The physical part.... crap I was running ten miles. No explanation needed. Right?

I hate to be a Sissy but this half-marathon is pushing me harder mentally and physically than the first one I did back in 2002. Having completed around a dozen of these things, this just should not be the case!!

As I have posted previously, I had developed a comfort zone where I knew that I could go out and easily push through a two hour event.

This is great. I love it. Its why I run. Why do you run? Why do you TRI? Lets hear it.

Every day is a good day, some are just better. Thanks for reading.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Way Back Wednesday: The Hawthorn Half-Day Relay 2008

As I have done a couple of times thus far in my relatively new blogging life, I'll use today's post to reflect back on an excellent event for all to consider who live in the mid west or just really like a road trip. The weekend of June 14, 2008 provided the opportunity for anyone who was willing to make their way to Terre Haute, IN to complete an ultra-marathon.

The Hawthorn Half Day Relay is a 12 hour event (hence half-day) held in Hawthorn Park which is a 256 acre (68 of which is water) park and wildlife refuge just outside Terre Haute, IN. Inside the park is a campground, archery range, playground, and trail network to fully satisfy a variety
of needs.

You can participate in the event itself by entering a two man team, six man team, or as I did in the Superman division which means you are running the whole darn thing. I think the idea of entering the Superman division was part of my thinking process which led me to do this event. I think just saying, "Yeah, I'm running in the Superman Division" maybe made up for some abuse that I took on the playground as a young child in elementary school. Who the heck knows. It sure makes for a good story though!

We left on Friday morning and drove to Terre Haute. After checking in at the Super 8 and grabbing a quick lunch at Fazolis, we headed to the park to do the packet pickup and while there decided to walk/jog the course. Why you ask did we decide to walk/jog a course that I was going to travel 13 FREAKING TIMES the next day? I have no clue!! It seemed like a good idea at the time. It most certainly was NOT necessary.

Now for race day.... the course itself was a 5-K loop through the park which was mostly trail, with some grass, and a little pavement. You were to complete the course as many times as possible while taking all the breaks you desire. The more breaks you take, the less you are moving forward.... duh. The last 30 minutes, instead of starting a new lap, runners were to run a half mile loop out and back to add mileage.

The start of the event was much like any run you go to. Everyone seemed to take off like their tails were on fire even though it was 7 a.m. and we were going to be circling this lovely trail until 7 p.m. You can see from the action photo above, I was in no hurry. The other gentleman in the picture and I were actually wondering what the heck was everyone's hurry. It was actually a relay event which meant runners on a six man team only ran every sixth lap (sissies) so they definitely needed to go out hard. The 12 hour guys.....

Ok, now for lap times. Remember, this is a 5-K loop which we are traveling for 12 hours. So pace is very important. For normal people like myself, finding the right run/walk ratio was key so as to assure that you could function for the duration of the 12 hour period. Alternating running 2 minutes and walking 2 minutes worked really well.

  1. Lap 1..... 37:38
  2. Lap 2..... 38:49
  3. Lap 3..... 40:49
  4. Lap 4..... 43:24
  5. Lap 5..... 40:01
  6. Lap 6..... 43:33
  7. Lap 7..... 54:08
  8. Lap 8..... 57:34
  9. Lap 9.... 1:13:00
  10. Lap 10.... 40:55
  11. Lap 11.... 48:54
  12. Lap 12.... 1:06:00
  13. Lap 13.... 1:03:00

Alright, now nearly 12 hours later.... lets talk. You would think that over a 12 hour period you would get bored. Yep. But not like you think. Your focus is so strong on completing the lap and doing the run/walk thing that time moves along. Focus, concentration, and relaxation is so important. The 12 hours was probably worse for my support team. That would be the wife. She was the one stuck in the park all day long while I was running.

Laps 10 and 11 are the really weird laps. I had wanted to run with a couple of gentleman who were veterans of several hundred marathons each. I had Googled their names from the entry list. On lap 9, I met up with Ray Scharenbrock. (Google his name if you have some free time. His numbers are phenomenal.) I had the privilege of doing most of lap 9 with Mr. Scharenbrock who is now 77. He was still in recovery from a very serious illness and was running an ultra-marathon. Geez. I'll be honest. We started off the lap walking the uphills, jogging the downhills and mixing up the flats. When I found out who he was, I was like a kid in a freaking candy store with a handful of cash. I soaked up more information in that lap than you can imagine.

I finished my lap with Ray and sat down with my wife to change shoes and socks. Have you seen the monster blister on the upper right portion of my blog? Yep, its from this event. It was just starting. I was so pumped from my lap with Ray that I was totally fired up again. My next two laps (10 and 11) were back to nearly what I was doing eight to nine hours earlier. Then... the blister. My final two full laps were back pretty slow. I was mostly walking. At around 6 p.m., I had to decide what to do. I decided...... BREAK TIME!! I was afraid I couldn't finish another full lap so I changed socks and shoes again and waited around for the 30 minute out and back finish.

Now... you guys have seen my 5-K times. Last Tuesday, my Homecomers 5-K time was 28:12. Not blazing I understand. A couple of you most likely snickered a little when you saw it. Well.... after logging 40.3 miles in eleven hours (remember, I took a thirty minute break), the 30 minute out and back loops began.

I comfortably ran 3 miles (6 loops) in the final thirty minutes or so to finish my day with 43.3 miles. I had set a goal to run a minimum 40 if the body would allow. It was really weird how easy the 3 miles was after having already logged over forty miles. 43.3 miles was good for 27th place out of 42 individual runners. One would always like better, but hey--I had just logged over 43 miles. I was pretty pleased with myself.

I learned many things over the course of this event. Too many to mention. Enduring 12 hours of moving forward gives you time to ponder many things. I learned that a REDBULL and a HANDFUL OF GUMMY BEARS is like running super unleaded in your car. This became a ritual for the start of each lap. I learned that S-Caps are great for maintaining hydration/electrolyte balance. (12 hours and clear pee, WOW!) I learned that blisters suck.

I was honestly getting close to taking a major break and lowering my goals for the day until my lap with Mr. Scharenbrock. I don't think he had any idea how much our visit helped to calm me down and get me back on course. My wife was very patient throughout the day. I honestly had my cell phone in my little belt pack with my supplies. Any time I needed fresh socks or a snack, they were waiting when I arrived back at the start line. Go C !!

After the event, they fed all the participants for free as well as family members who purchased a meal ticket. The event concluded and we headed back to the Super 8 for an icewater bath and a nice soft bed. The blister of mammoth proportions stopped any activity in its tracks for a couple of weeks. Ultra-marathon #2 was in the books.

As always.......... THANKS FOR READING!!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Race Report: The St. Charles Flat Five

Alrighty Blogees, last week failure... Sunday Success!! We went to St. Louis Saturday to spend the night, run the St. Charles Flat Five on Sunday morning, and attend a Cardinals game.

This was my second running of the Flat Five. There has been such a large gap in between the running of these events, its cool to compare the numbers. This year, I wanted to focus on running a 9:00 minute pace. I could have started out a little faster and actually felt pretty good along the way but I wanted to set the cruise on 9 flat and go for it. No, I'm not wearing a Garmin. I'm totally running by feel. Here are the numbers:

Mile.....2003...... 2010


Now, I know for you speed burners 45:44 isn't fast by most standards. I think its pretty cool though, at 46 to run a better time than I did at 39. My honest focus again was pace and consistency. At one point in my running career, I was a little too comfortable (cocky) with the fact that with moderate effort, I could go out and cruise a half marathon and at least be NEAR the 2 hour mark. I lost a lot of fitness due not running much following my dad's surgery (Open Heart Surgery 2 Years Ago YESTERDAY!! Happy Anniversary Dad!!) and my foot injury. I now know as I have posted on a couple of comments on other blogs--its never just a 5K or its never just a half marathon. Take nothing for granted.

Sorry, I rambled a little there!! Yesterday's race went well. My splits are pretty consistent. Again, totally by feel--no Garmin. I had more at the start but kept it in reserve and actually felt great at the end and had plenty left. I had a little pain in my feet which concerns me but I felt ok afterward and things are good today.

After Tuesday's effort, I was kind of scared what would happen in this event but I ran a better overall pace over 5 miles and the effort was great. As to my thoughts and approach. This was the finishing location and general area of my half coming up in October. So, I wanted to practice my pace, inspect the starting area, parking, ect... and start working my way toward event mode.

As for my place in the herd.... I was number 137 of 284 runners overall. I'm ok with that considering my goals for this event. I would want to be higher if this event were my primary focus. In the male category, I was number 102 of 156 runners. I would like to be a little higher here also but again, my goal was 9 Flat so when I set my sights on using this event to practice for the bigger one, I can't complain.

As for the game--Cards 9 Pirates 1

Pujols went yard in the 5th. Unfortunately, his drive went into the left field bleacher area. We were sitting in the right field bleachers. Oh well, we didn't make Sportscenter. Save that one for another day. Thanks for Reading!!!!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Week Ten Failure: A Test of My Blogging Skills

Ok campers, here today I come before you to test my blogging skills. How can I put a good spin on a really lousy Week 10 training? I can't come up with anything. Any suggestions? I should keep it simple and just omit blogging this week, pretend the blog was posted and maybe lost, tell a little white lie......

Its like this, I have nothing. I should listen to the dudes above and keep this to myself. It may drag you down as a blog reader. You may drop me. You may say, "This dude could rub off, I'm not taking any chances."

I'm definitely not going to get a Man of the Year Award by any standards but here goes:
Sunday 7/25 3.5 miles
Monday 7/26 3 miles
Tuesday 7/27 3.1 miles Homecomer 5-K

Yep, you guessed it. I've started my half marathon taper. In freaking July!! I have no other way to explain it. Week 10 is in the books with 9.6 miles.

I had softball camp this last week every morning at 9:00 a.m. We worked them a solid two hours pretty much every day and then finished with come "coach talk" discussing lineups and positions. It is a very important week for us from a early season preparation standpoint.

To give you some background, I was the Head Girls Softball Coach from 1992 until 2002. I stepped away after 11 years and handed the position to one of my former players. She kept the position for around 5 or 6 years or so before passing it on to another one of my former students who was also one of my former players from a different sport. Hey, what can I say? This is my 20th year at the same school, my former players and students are everywhere!! I returned to the sport three years ago as this young man's assistant. (This is a position I take very serious. Its very hard to be a GOOD assistant coach.)

I was concerned that my mileage would dip some but I really didn't want it to go to single digits. I did quite a bit of running in practice Thursday during a drill but I have no idea of the distance and don't record workouts where I have no concept.... of what exactly to write down.


So..... after a week of softball camp, 9.6 miles of half marathon training and a lot of sitting on my butt, I will get myself back moving pounding the roads of Southeast Missouri because (pause reading for dramatic effect) after this next week, guess what? Come on guess what is coming up? Yep!! You got it. SOFTBALL PRACTICE!!! TWO-A-DAYS!! And I thought it was tough to get miles in this week.....

Everyday is a good day, some are just better!! Thanks for reading.