Friday, July 9, 2010

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!!

While getting everyone caught up on the last week's training and activities, I have to thank Patrick at The Road [A Multi-Sport Blog] for the cool T-Shirt that I recently received through a contest on his website.

The T-Shirt and I took my wife to Texas Roadhouse this evening for some fine dining (dead cow) and followed it up with a movie complete with 17 dollars work of sugary soda, buttered popcorn, and milk duds. Yep, I feel somewhere between great and terrible.

We had a great evening. Love the shirt Patrick, Thanks Again!! He may have more available folks so check out his site!! Its entertaining and comes with cool free stuff!!

Its great to be blogging again. I've tried to keep up with the reading this week and have done pretty well. I hope to get in a few posts here and there if anything notable is going on. If not, I'll kick into flashback mode and give you a couple more events to read about I think you'll like.

Thanks for reading.