Friday, July 16, 2010

Our Wednesday Stacation

Hey Everyone.... yeah, I know. Long time no post. Well to be honest, not a heck of a lot is going on and its way more interesting to get online and read what everyone else is doing than to post on what I had for breakfast!!

Wednesday however, we had a cool day. We drove over into Illinois to look at a little male Chihuahua that I affectionately call Sweet Pea. This little jewel weighed about 10 ounces and had the personality of a German Shepard. The lady honestly had a decent price on him considering his petite size but we decided not to purchase him at this point. She was taking him with her to a sale tonight so I figure he'll sell pretty easy. He was most certainly a doll and had the Mrs. not been there.....

After departing the house of puppy with no Sweet Pea, we stopped in Murphysboro, Il at the 17th Street Bar and Grill. If you are ever heading through the area, its worth a stop. We heard about the place several years ago. I believe when Mr. Clinton was in office, they maybe provided a meal when he visited Southern Illinios and we heard about it on the news. We've been going off and on since that time. If you like ribs, this is usually the place to go. Wednesday's ribs were a little dry but I coated them with their sauce (which I love) and suffered my way through.

Our next stop was at the Bald Knob Cross in Alto Pass, Il. Again, if you are ever driving through Southern Illinois, It is very much worth a stop. This cross which is 111 feet tall, is viewable for miles around. We were there right at sunset which made for a pretty picture. It was constructed in 1963 and has been a site for Easter Sunrise services for many years. It has been in a state of disrepair for several years. The white panels which usually cover the structure have been removed and it is in the process of being refurbished. At one point, visitors could walk the steps to lookout area near the top. This was stopped due to liability issues. You can just make out the steps. It would be quite a haul to the top. We visited with the security guard on duty and eventually went on our way.

This is a picture of the cross with the old white panels in place. It is quite a site to see. You just can't appreciate the size of this structure without seeing it in person. The Easter sunrise services from what I understand are pretty awesome at this location. The cross sets at the top of a large hillside (elevation 1034 ft.) and overlooks the Mississippi River bottoms and surrounding areas. The large area around the cross is grass covered and is usually kept mowed down quite nicely. Easter morning in this area is often quite cool. The sunrise service will often be view by several hundred people sitting in lawn chairs covered by warm blankets. We haven't attended this service but is on my "to-do" list at some point. The security guard told us that they may allow people to climb to the top after signing a waiver and making a donation toward repair of the cross. We are going to watch the website and if the donation is reasonable, I'll most likely send you pictures from the top. Thats a post for a later date.
Tomorrow, I finish WEEK 2 of my half marathon training. I have a 7-8 mile scheduled for early in the morning. This week has went well but I will admit to a lack of discipline. I've spent too much time watching the Tour on Versus and the British Open has also been going the last two days... so tomorrow morning, I only get to check the weather before departing to ensure that I get out the door in a timely manner.
Everyone have a great weekend and as always, THANKS FOR READING!!!


  1. Those ribs look soooooo good! Wild BOpen today... GL with week 3 marathon training, get out there!

  2. Holy carnivore who is joining their place on the food chain? That'd be you. Epic ribs.

  3. I don't know how you managed to leave without sweet pea, he's a cute little guy. And I agree, those ribs sure look good!

  4. My parents live in Murphysboro so whenever I visit I always try to hit up 17th street... I usually wind up ordering the combination platter (the pork ribs, beef rib, hot links, chicken, brisket, and pulled pork) because I love it all, and because I'm a total pig when it comes to bbq (a nearly literal embodiment of the old saying "you are what you eat")...

  5. Too be as dry as they were, they were still good ribs. They usually pull apart with ease. Sweet Pea was a doll but he was pretty fuzzy and looks to have the potential to have longer hair.

    Ethan--how often do you get down? We'll have to meet sometime when you are down and maybe do a workout. Then we can look into the platter thing.

    Have a good weekend all. Heading out for a 7 miler (hopefully) to cap my week. Will blog a week report later.

  6. Those ribs look AMAZING!!! that is one of the things I miss most about Kansas City. Ribs.