Thursday, July 1, 2010


I got up this morning, drank a cup of coffee and ate a bowl of cereal, laced up the shoes and headed down to the park. 3 miles and 28:00 later, workout number one was done.

I ran the Lewis and Clark Half-Marathon in 2002 and 2003. In 2002, I hammered out a measly 189 miles in the 13 weeks leading up to the event. Good for a 14.5 average per week. In 2003, I again ran a paltry 176 miles in the 13 weeks leading to the event. Good for a 13.5 average. Not impressive averages in either case. Hey, I was new!!

Weight and Finish... In 2002, I started at 207 pounds and ran the event at a svelte 200 pounds. I came in at a time of 2:14:28 good for a 10:16 pace and a finish of 617 out of 1025 runners. I was pleased. It was my first half-marathon and only my eleventh footrace. In 2003, I started at 204 but lost 15 pounds running the event at a very nice 189 pounds. This led to an improved time of 2:06:44 and a much better finish of 685 of 1657 runners.

THAT'S THE HISTORY--NOW ITS ON!! Run number one today was nothing special. Just run number one. You may wonder, why the drama? What's the big deal?? I am coming off the Country Music Half-Marathon FREAKING DISASTER of 2009 and several months of plantar fasciaitis. The 2009 event was awful. My training had been excellent and I had actually built up to around 16 miles because I had planned to do the marathon.

Race day was very, very hot. I dealt with that fine but had right foot problems and being male and macho, ran through the pain instead of stopping. My time was my worst ever by several minutes and the day was just unbelievably bad. I had started in the wave in front of one of my friends with whom I wasn't competing (yeah right!) only to get beaten by this lovely human being by nearly 10 minutes. He finished and found my wife waaaay before I did!! He hasn't let me live this down. I have stayed away from the longer distances since this debacle but am now returning to my roots.

GOALS: Number one, first and foremost.... finish and be healthy. Now as for numbers two, three, and four, we'll see as training progresses. I would like to hammer out a 20-25 mile per week average and would like to have a shot at running below 2:00. (My half P.R. is around 1:52.) My weight is kicking it at a starting point of 194. I would like this to be in the low 180's by race day. 13 and 1/2 weeks. Easily doable.

Since I provided so much information about these ancient events--you got it, its Flashback Thursday instead of Friday. I won't blog every run but I will periodically update my progress. I really hope my right foot holds up. (Boomer, if you read this, I understand your knee issue.) I am honestly as nervous starting this program as I was for my first one.


  1. Well, you are leaner now so that has to be better for your foot. I have a magic number of total weekly mileage that I don't go over when I'm training for a marathon. 40 miles/wk. Thru trial and error (better said, injury and PF being one of those injuries early on), I quickly learned that anything over 45 miles per week was a recipe for disaster. I'll gladly take a 3:30-3:45 marathon with that lower mileage than risk running the higher weekly mileage and possibly not making it to the race or have to crawl to the finishline. Keep up the smart training!!

  2. Will be interesting to watch your progress. I'll be switching over to 1/2 M. training come October for a Feb race. Want to get a 1/2 in the books so when I start up tri training again I'll be moving up to 70.3 distances next year. Keep the experiences coming...

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Congrats on setting up your blog and gettin started on your program!

  4. Good luck with the training. can't wait to hear about it.