Saturday, July 24, 2010

Mad Dogs, The PO PO, Car Problems and Week 11 Training

Week 11 training for Lewis and Clark is in the books. The training week went extremely well as far as running is concerned. Other events of the week kind of make you want to stop and ask, "Am I living right?"

On Monday, I went to Chaffee to run the Tywappity Trail loop around the lake. I ran it with Coach P from school week before last and actually ran a pace below 10 minutes per mile which is very tough for me at my current fitness level. It was my year P.R. for the lake trail run. I was almost done with the 2.5 mile loop and was crossing the dam heading for the parking lot when I noticed a dog wondering the parking lot with only one vehicle other than mine in the lot. As I approached the lot, the dog took a keen interest. She charged up to about 10 feet in front of me to cut me off. I had to stop and make several attempts to TRY get past her before finally yelling HEY!!!!!!! I couldn't see the lady sitting in the truck because of the sun reflecting off the windshield. She cracked her window to politely tell me, "oh she won't bite you!"

I very adamantly pleaded my case for her to exit her vehicle and get her dog. I was starting to get ticked. She then got out of her truck (finally) to again say, "Oh she won't bother you. Don't pay any attention to her." By this time, I'm fuming. I have an excited Pitt Bull (or some type of muscular psycho dog) standing a few feet in front of me, teeth bared growling at me and my wife is getting ready to finish her run coming from the other direction into the parking lot. Great, the dog can have seconds!! The lady FINALLY got her dog into the truck and promptly left knowing that I was furious.

I don't smoke. None of my family smoke at this time. I'm an excellent driver. I'm not often exposed to second hand smoke. I have a few guns which are unloaded and locked in a separate closet from the ammunition.

This one's EASY!!!! Ok, yes--probably cigs but humor me would you, I'm still traumatized!! And sorry if you are a Pitt lover. I love dogs just not really freaking mean ones that chase runners.

I'm a teacher in this town and don't know if she knew me or not and really don't care. I didn't use any foul language and behaved pretty appropriately under the circumstances. Oh, BTW--the stupid dog wouldn't let me into the parking lot to stop my clock and I missed setting a new time P.R. for this year on the lake trail by 6 seconds. Stupid dog.

Tuesday, to move on.... I went to Cape Girardeau to run the paved running trail through town. Flat, some shade, and ample water locations for a very hot, humid day. One half mile from the parking lot, BAM, SOCKO, WHAMMO!!!! My checking account took a hit when I was stopped doing 48 in a 35. Had I blogged on the Tuesday run alone, it would have been called "THE NINETY-TWO DOLLAR RUN." Hey what can I say, I fought the law and the law won. I'll pay this one with not too much.... complaint. I was 13 over. I deserved it. (But a warning or a good chewing out would have been nice.)

The worst part of this one is I notoriously don't speed. My wife tends to complain occasionally that I'm poking on my way to work. I just tell her I'm not in a hurry to get there. And--I went to a different parking place than normal. Had I went to my normal parking lot, I wouldn't have passed through the speed trap. Oh well.

Ok... rather than tell you about the DEAD BATTERY that I had today.... Boogity, Boogity, Boogity, lets go running. (Sorry... for you non-Darrell Waltrip fans--thats a NASCAR reference!!) Week 11 went well. Here are the totals.

7/19 5 miles Tywappity Trail 2 Laps
7/20 2.5 miles Tywappity Trail (The Dog Run)
7/21 Morning 4 miles Cape Trail
Afternoon 5 miles Mom and Dads
7/23 8 miles Jackson City Park 93 degrees, 98 degree heat index, HOT and HUMID

Total= 24.5 miles

This week went very well. The Hump Day Twofer was great. I rocked the 5 miler. The 8 from yesterday was very good. The feet are holding up well and I'm at a great place with ten weeks to go.

THE BIG TEST--WEEK TEN MEANS I START SOFTBALL CAMP. Theres an automatic 10 extra hours I'm on my feet this week first thing 9 a.m. each day. I have to get up and run early. I want some 800's and maybe a hill work out but I have foot concerns this week. It may be a step back week to allow for adjustment.

Hey--Hope all is doing well. Thanks for the comments on Howl at the Moon. Lots of feedback, I love it. Keep it coming!

****I guess I should fess up that Wal-Mart gave me a free battery since my old battery was only two years old and oh yeah, went to a local running store Thursday (Ghisallo Running) and they gave me a free running cap....and I took my son to St. Louis yesterday and went to the City Museum as well as the Arch. Sooooooooooo..... not all was bad!!


  1. The Arch is one of my top 5 favorite things, ever. I haven't drove across the country at years, but when I would it would be impossible just to "pass through" St Louis...

  2. great job on all the running this week! boy, i sure hate irresponsible dog owners. I've had that happen a handful of times while running in my neighborhood and you always get the, "oh, he won't bite." No, maybe he won't bite, but he's a 100 pound dog trying to jump on me! Stupid people! Keep up the great effort on the running. It's coming along nicely. Oh, and bummer on the ticket : (

  3. What an absolutely happening week. Your running sounds like it is progressing well, keep it up.
    As for the dog, some people just will never get it.....sheesh. Tie the thing up or keep it on a leesh.

  4. Woohoo for a great training week! Wow..that dog would have totally freaked me out! Why did the lady have the dog unsupervised out of her truck anyways? Crazy owners!

  5. I think the lady was just letting the dog go to the bathroom and sniff around and get some exercise. I honestly didn't think she was going to get out of the truck.

    I WAS TICKED OFF. She finally called the dog over to the truck and quickly left. Should have gotten the plate number and reported her but it wouldn't have done any good.

  6. Free stuff is nice. Though free-roaming dogs I could do without...

  7. I really hate dogs that aren't on a leash. Had the lady not been around he might have had a date with my shoe.