Saturday, July 17, 2010

Lewis and Clark Week 12 Complete

Week 12 for Lewis and Clark is complete and was a fairly decent success. I hammered a 7 miler this morning to complete my training week (Sun.-Sat.) with an even 20 miles. In general, I am pleased with this total since I hit my "Gold Standard" of 20 miles for the week and got the long run distance completed that I was shooting for.

In general, the training is progressing. My running motion and foot turnover isn't progressing quite as smoothly as I would like. I am going to put in some 800's this next week and may combine them with some hill work along with the proper warm up and cool down of course.

I like to run at Trail of Tears State Park near Cape Girardeau, MO. There is an area there which heads out toward the river which is a solid mile of downhill or uphill (if you turn around) which I like to use for repeats. A local cross country coach uses this location to run a downhill mile. I have the half-way point marked and love to run a section on the upper half. It definitely takes you to the edge of functional and quickly. Most of the uphill is gradual with a nice incline at the finish for good measure.

My runs for the week:
7/11 3.5 miles Meg's Circle, Jackson
7/12 5 miles Trail Run-Tywapitty Lake
7/15 2 miles (Worst run of week, hot, humid, felt like crap--quit early)
7/16 2.5 miles Trail Run-Tywapitty Lake, HOT AND HUMID
7/17 7 miles Jackson, 6 a.m., Amazingly humid for 6 a.m., OK run, Meg's Circle--2 Laps

I'll be honest. I'm NOT one of you dedicated triathletes. I really don't have anything else planned for the day. The part that pains me when I say this is that this WAS to be my triathlon weekend..... until I suffered a leg injury in May, my first sprint triathlon was to be tomorrow morning in St. Louis. I had started a program and was about 2-3 weeks in when an injury made the swim part very painful and the bike part very difficult. Weird thing was, I could still jog lightly so I had to come up with another plan. Hence, set the base and go for a HALF. No, tribuddies... a half-marathon, not a half-iron!!

Week 2 is in the books. I'm calling it a success so far. Have been keeping up with my reading. Trying to throw out a comment here and there so everyone knows I'm here. Everyone have a good weekend and keep putting in the miles.

And remember, Every Day is a Good Day, Some are just Better!! Thanks for reading!!


  1. Good thing you can still run! Embrace what you CAN do...thats been my mantra over the past two months...

  2. Hi 64, thanks for visiting my blog and making a comment! I am now a follower here. I have heard that Plataar Faciites (sp) is nasty. While I have now been aqua jogging for 3 weeks with one more to go, my saving grace was this thought, "at least I don't have PF". BTW, I was born in 1964 - excellent year.

  3. Hi 64Classic! I got your note over at my blog. I am really new to barefooting, and would probably refer you over to my guy, Barefoot Josh. He's does, like, 70miles a week barefoot but just started a year ago. he is super friendly and keen to help anyone who asks! As for the VFF's, yeah they are easier to walk on gravel, but you still have to try and avoid stuff! Seeya!

  4. I'm sorry you got injured and were not able to do your triathlon. But, I think it's great that you took being able to still run and made new goals instead of just quiting! It sounds like you're doing great with your training! Keep it up! :)