Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Jackson Homecomer 5-K Race Report

I was heading to Cape Girardeau today to do a 5 mile run. Honestly--I didn't feel the best and decided to cancel the run for the time being. I went to Sam's Club and got my tires rotated, hit the store for a few groceries and headed home. On the way home, I was feeling a little better and got the bright idea to run a local evening 5-K to get a workout in, see some friends, and run with a group.

I had no major goals for the race other than to test my fitness level in general and see where I am in regard to the half-marathon pace I desire to hold in October. It was a very low maintenance approach. I wanted to hold around a 9:00 minute pace.

I hit mile one at 8:40. No major problems. Mile two came up at 17:59 which made the pace around 9:19. I did the last 1.1 mile stretch in 10:12 to come in at 28:12. Looking at my previous races for the year--it's about what I expected and pretty much par for me at this fitness level and weight. I usually run MUCH better when my weight is in the low 180's or high 170's (it's 191 today) and also when I've been doing some repeats to help with my TERRIBLE foot turnover.

In the past, at better levels of fitness, I could hit the nine or slightly sub-nine pace and hold it pretty comfortably and have a punchers chance at running a sub 2 half marathon. I don't think that will be back by October but...... its not October yet!!

Every day is a good day, some are just better. Thanks for reading!!

**Sunday, its the ST. CHARLES FLAT FIVE. All runners completing the race get a small trophy instead of a t-shirt. So, I get hardware for the man cave and another fitness test.

**On another note, a friend that I have known all my life ran his first 5-k this evening as did his wife. It was great to be there and be part of their first running event. Go Kevin and Janice. Theirs was actually a family affair with both of their boys running as well.


  1. very cool that you where able to put in a last minute organized race like one would decide to go to the movies or something. There's something cool about an "impulse race".

  2. Always good to have a test race to gauge fitness. Trophies? That is really cool.

  3. Yeah, win some and loose some. Way to keep chugging it out!

  4. Loving the Kevin and Janice post script. That is very very cool. Thanks for your comment on my blog. The whole "nuclear medicine" thing was interesting. Seems kinda dramatic, but at least gave me the diagnosis I needed.

  5. Lots of room for improvement between now and october, keep plugging away!