Saturday, June 19, 2010

Miner's Memorial and the Sesser 5-K

Today we traveled to Sesser, IL for their third annual Homecoming 5-K. During my warm up session, I noticed a very impressive memorial in the city park. This memorial turned out to be dedicated to the coal miners that have lost their lives working in the mines of Southern Illinois dating back over one hundred years.

In speaking with an area resident, I learned that there are nearly 350 names carved into this memorial. I also learned that there are no mines in the area today which are still in operation.

The name of each miner who has lost their life was listed under their respective mine. The shear number of individuals was astounding as was the number of mines in the area which were once in existence. Having witnessed some recent mining accidents through the media over the last several years, one has to stop and think of the pain and anguish that these families experienced in the loss of their loved ones.

The race itself went extremely well. Relatively balanced splits (8:32, 8:47, 8:18) led to an overall time of 26:38 which was good for 2nd place in my age group as well as an overall 41st place showing out of around 120 or so runners.

The busy day continued as we arrived home, picked up my children, as well as some chicken from the Colonel, and headed directly to my parent's house for a small Father's Day gathering. After finishing the meal, we had a great visit with the folks before finally heading toward the house. A fitting end to an excellent day.

As always..... Every day is a good day, some are just better. Thanks for reading.


  1. Sesser, Il huh? I think I used to race cross-country around those parts back when I was in high school...

    Seems like you kept your race nicely under control... and a 2nd place finish no less!

  2. I didn't realize there was a memorial for the miners! I am glad to see that. Anyway, 2nd in AG! Very cool!

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  3. I agree with EZEthan - nice work on the splits. I normally don't have HALF that kick at the end of the race.

  4. Hey to all!! Thanks for the comments. Its good to see the blog up and running.

    The splits?? Beats me on the mile 3 time? The grade changed a little and I was pushing it somewhat. Last week I did intervals at pace three times and that really helped. (800's, 400's, and 500's)

    Thanks again for the input.