Thursday, July 25, 2013

Chasing the White Squirrel

Looking back over this blog and the frequency in which I post as well as update my material... if  I were a boxer... I think I might be referred to as a journeyman.  My running and fitness has been much the same for various reasons. 

I am however, a little over one week from adding a new wrinkle to the athletic career.  I am finishing up a pretty good summer of training and in approximately 8 days will compete in the White Squirrel Triathlon in Olney, Illinois. 

The summer workouts have led to what I feel is respectable fitness for a 49 year old participating in his first triathlon.  I plan to post some totals from training as I move into my final week of preparation as well as in reflection once I have actually completed my inaugural event.   

This is an event that I have looked at the past two summers.  My interest over the last ten years or so has been more in the area of running but due to injuries (not related to running), I have some knee issues which have me placing more of a focus on the pool and the bicycle.  I raced bicycles back in the late 80's and early 90's but have NO experience when it comes to preparing to SWIM in a competitive event.  It has been quite an experience. 

I look forward to maybe bringing the blog back to life somewhat as well as reading up what to see who is still posting as well as competing.  With nine days until the Squirrel, it is now time to finish up a summer long training process and make sure the mind, body, and spirit is ready for a new adventure. 

Every day is a good day, some are just better.  Thanks for reading.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Meanwhile back at the ranch...

I was on Facebook this evening and just by chance, I thought.... hmmm... I wonder if the blog is still there. Amazing enough, wow. It still is. I think I'll write.
It has the feel of one of those apocalyptic movies. I'll simply write and see if anybody is still out there. Its been almost a year since the last post on 64 Classic. Last year was ok in the running area. Around 750 miles or so. Picked up the bike a few times. Not enough miles to talk about. As far as racing, I believe four 5-Ks to be exact.
A mild injury occurred during softball season (September) which pretty much shut down the end of the year as far as serious mileage. I say mild, but I believe it was actually a slight cartilage tear.
I have 3 races under my belt in 2012 and have a half marathon in mind for May or June but no definite plans. Just living life. The fitness and weight is pretty good. Just rolled over 100 running miles for this year and the weight this afternoon was 202 pounds. Ok.... not great, not horrible.
I'm going to blog a little and see if it takes off. If anyone is reading, throw me some motivation. I kind of started using my facebook to post my running thoughts but have enjoyed looking back over some individuals blogs that I read faithfully there for a year or so. Frayed Laces, Dangle the Carrot, Neil @ All the cool kids are doing it.... , Adam @ The Boring Runner.
You guys are awesome. Briefly surfed a few others too. Good to see everyone is still moving. Geez Adam.... the little one is getting big!! Gonna go and quit rattling. Nothing fancy tonight. Am going to rework the blog. Its coming. May link it to my facebook. Plan to change the setup and look forward to reading, sharing, and catching up.

Monday, March 21, 2011

A Rockin Week and a Race Report

It is awesome to be able to get online and post about a rockin week. I hammered a 26.5 miles last week running all seven days in a row. Yes, I know, 10% rule.... but if I follow the darn rule, I don't get a 20 mile week until like September!!

I kicked out 5 Sunday, 3 on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, 5 again on Thursday, 4 on Friday, and 3.1 on Saturday.

Saturday was the St. Patrick's Day 5-K at Murphysboro, IL. I ran a very pedestrian 27:38 but was generally pleased with the effort. Mile one was an 8:31, mile two was an 8:49. Then the legs entered the point of no return (Kansas Reference) and the last 1.1 was a killer 10:18. Hence, I think I lost my SUB 9 minute pace somewhere in there.

The right hip feels unusually good and the feet also feel quite peppy so we'll just see where we can take this. Myself and the Mrs. went to Cape Girardeau Friday evening to watch the start of an ultra. A friend of mine (and local running phenomenon) hosted a second annual 12hr/24hr endurance run. It also had a midnight 5-K and a One Hour category to involve as many people as possible.

I want to be healthy folks. I want to be healthy. For the second year in a row.... this has been there as a local event. This year--I watched the start. Last year, I ..... huh.... refused to go anywhere near. I just didn't want to see it. I desire to participate.

Much of this goes way back to college and a legendary local runner who I plan to blog on in the near future. Hey--hope all is going well. I plan to do some work on the blog layout and update the blogs that I follow a little. Got some house cleaning to do and some updating....

Every day is a good day, some are just better. Thanks for reading.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Broken Toys

As I was searching for a title for today's post, I googled "broken toys" hoping for a GI Joe with a leg or hip problem. I got close!! I think this is Captain Marvel. He'll work event though my workouts don't qualify me to be "captain" and sure aren't "marvelous."

What the heck? Shazaam anyway. The body does feel pretty good. This week I made it on the bike once for 7 miles, to the pool once for 450 yards and hammered the legs for 16 running miles with a long run of 5 on Thursday.

I am keeping things gentle and short. I want to push the envelope but the hip feels VERY unstable. As I told one of my running buddies, it just feels like it could go out at any point so.... I have to take things slow and cautious. It DOES feel good to be moving without pain so short and gentle it is at least for now.

I've picked up a couple of followers lately even though I haven't been blogging a lot which is really cool. Barefoot Johnny O and Jim...50 after 40 have both joined me recently since I started back in on the blog trail. It almost makes me feel a little pressure. I do need to update my margins to properly reflect my reading and need to get on the ball at being more apart of my readers blogs.

I want to do a post later and hit on some of my favorite reads and get props out to some of the blogs that I follow. I may even do a give away if I can come up with something cool. Maybe a canned ham or something.

Every day is a good day, some are just better. Thanks for reading.

Thursday, March 3, 2011


Ok, no I don't want to be a monkey. But when I googled the phrase, this was one of the best pictures. March has roared into Missouri bringing great temperatures so far and hopefully a good running month.

The Classic hopes to improve the running totals and still make a run at the St. Louis Half. January and February brought a total of 83 running miles and 89 biking miles. Not impressive totals by any standard but hopefully there is enough base to train seriously in March.

I just got back from a Teacher Conference at Lake of the Ozarks. I stayed at the Tan-Tar-A Resort at Osage Beach. That is actually where the conference was hosted. Over the three days, I got in some quality workouts during my free time so I feel pretty good at this point entering the month.

June brings a couple of ultra options during the weekend of the 11th so this time period is the beginning that training cycle. Hope the weather is improving for all you guys up north and March finds you healthy and motivated.

Every day is a good day, some are just better. Thanks for reading.